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Homeschooling Challenge
You were raised in a small community that didn't have a school. Your parents were old fashioned and homeschooled you since you were a child. They didn't agree with today's school system and preferred you learned skills and information that you could use in life. Your father worked, but only part time, since he helped your mom homeschool when he could. Most of the time, he wrote books, painted, and invented things. Now that you are grown up, and have your own spouse, you plan to raise your children in the same way. You live a modest life. There can be no snobs in your household.

Whether your sims raise them from babies or create them, your family must homeschool for as many generations as you like.

Character Creation:
  • Both parents must have Family Oriented and Proper
  • Your mother sim must have neat, natural cook, and Nurturing.
  • Your other sim, either gender, must have workaholic, Handy, and Perfectionist.
  • Children can be created or born. At least start with one created child.

Town Creation
Delete the town. If you want, find a small town on the sims 3 exchange, there's many on there. Either way, the school must be deleted. Try not to use a town where the school is merged with another job type (i.e. the stadium, etc.)

Home creation
The house must have a school room. anything that children can use must be put in there. Computers for writing, an easel for painting, a telescope or the chess table for logicthe science station for science/logic, etc. Plus a computer station for the teacher. If you have the children can mod ( the children can garden, use the sculpting station, use the alchemy station, and learn music. I love it for the boarding school challenge as well. :. Note, I didn't create it, I just use it a lot.

If you have the NRAAS mods, it will help immensely. The NRAAS Homeschool mod can be used if you don't wish to delete the school.
The children can mod helps a lot with skill building, as I've already stated above.
There's a scribbling pad for writing practice if you don't want sims to use the computer.

1. Between 8 and 4, students will learn skills, whether you break it up on which skills they work on on which days, it's up to you.
2. Saturdays and Sun days are free but it's a time to fill need bars if they were a bit low all week.
3. Field trips are a good idea if you want to do an a, B, block schedule.
4. Since they are proper, make them wear old fashioned clothing.

I don't believe in scoring. Just have fun.
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