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Default Is this too much poly count for these items?
I made two hot tubs and I'm not certain if the poly count is too high to submit here. I did decimate it some but I tried to decimate it further in blender but it made it look distorted. I use CAD programs to create my .obj files, that's what I'm trained in. They work fine in game, but I have a gaming computer. If someone knows how to lower poly without messing with the shape of the mesh, it would be appropriated.

Poly Count
Butterfly Hot tub - 3280/2937
Crystal Lotus Hot tub - 3557/3009
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It depends but for this design, it is too much. Try using 'Decimate' and reduce it. Try to look at the link I send you below, sure it is for Sims 2 really but it still will be useful to read. By the Way, I love the design, the first picture makes me think of a fountain.
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Ah, to use a program like Cads. I do it the old fashioned way. Create a triangle circle, tube or cube, add sides, split, multiply and combine to build the shape with the minimal number of polys to make that shape. Then I map it so it will proportion the textures correctly. Look at the actual mesh. Make sure each rectangular plane only has 2 polys and each triangular plane only has one poly. Then your mesh is as simplified as it can get. Adjust your UV map accordingly so the textures aren't distorted.

I'd need to see the mesh to see if the polys can be reduced. Throw a closeup screenshot of the mesh up so we can see it.

If you let the game or your meshing program reduce the polys for you, it will just numerically reduce them without consideration of what the mesh is supposed to look like. A manual or controlled reduction is better.

OR you can clone an ingame item and use that as your base. I usually dislike EA meshes because their mapping can be a mess.
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