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Default Struggling with blender/milkshape after computer crash
So I'm working on my second ever CAS piece. My first one was a bit of a bumpy road with regard to getting the texture to apply, but it mostly works in the game aside from some funky shadows and a texture applied to it that I didn't exactly intend but still works.

So this second piece I made slightly differently, and for some reason I just can't figure out how to make a UV map. I used a few different shapes instead of just one like I did with the first object. I can get the individual shapes to "unwrap", but they won't show up on a single UV map. If I select them, they show individually, but I can't figure how to get them all to appear.
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Unfortunately that's a Blender option that either I still have to figure out too or isn't possible yet :/ So what I usually do is, create the mesh together (Or well merge the mesh together so you can eventually separate them later after you made the changes ).
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I'm not sure to merge the mesh, I think I tried to set them all as a group?
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If you're just trying to see the other objects' UV maps while editing, there is an option in the View menu called "Draw other objects". If you're trying to edit them all at the same time, you will have to join them into one object and separate them afterwards, if needed(there is also an addon that lets you edit multiple UVs, idr the name).

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Joining them into one is what I need to do, I think. They'll be using the same texture so I don't think I have to separate them again afterwards?
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