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Nysha's New Creators for July - posted on 1st Aug 2018 at 9:00 AM
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#101 Old 3rd Aug 2018 at 9:24 AM
Oke, I just downloaded the newest version to try in my new game The Sims 2 UC.
I'll try it out asap.

Overview all my creations (MTS and beyond): http://bit.ly/allcreations
FAQ and policy: http://bit.ly/PolicyS2I
The School Project: http://bit.ly/TheSchoolProject
Over 500 new food items to come in Fast & Healthy Cooking Project: http://bit.ly/Fast&HealthyCookingProject
#102 Old 5th Aug 2018 at 1:19 AM
Originally Posted by Lamare
@Essa thank you for letting me know what was the issue with HDCU. I was wondering that.
About CC candles. I agree it's a downside, but it's also solvable. One can either edit the box or the candle itself to make the game recognize that this is non-electric lamp. It requires some user actions in SimPE, because, unfortunately, the game doesn't normally differentiate electric lamps from non-electric - they all have the same logic. After I settle on the final version of electric box and upload it, I'll offer my help with editing lamps and make a tutorial on how to add lamps to the system.

You're welcome.

I'm away from my game. I'll try when I'll be back to my home.
Truth is I'm missing my motorbike more than my game.
I'm looking forward to trying the new files as soon as I can though.
#103 Old 13th Aug 2018 at 9:42 PM
Lamare, thank you so much for this mod. I wasn't thinking I'd have time to test it soon, probably not even this year, but a bit of a schedule change made me willing to pop it into my game. I still won't have much time with it after this month, but I'm glad to have experienced it a bit already!

It's great fun so far. I started by putting it in only a few of my households (I figured the most established and well-off households might have long since paid to have their home wiring perfected...and would of course live in the most power-stable areas anyway). However, I am finding I miss it in the ones who haven't got a box!

An observation that I didn't see reported earlier in the thread (though I haven't ever read the whole thing through in one sitting, I admit, always continuing where I thought I left off): when the power is off, sims can't Find Own Place using the newspaper either. I do have the UC and your move-out mod that allows sim households to move to uni subhoods as well as within the main hood, if that makes a difference. (Let me know if you need me to list exact mods and versions.) When I had this occur, the power had failed in the neighborhood for a household with one box, set for terrible conditions in the home and terrible area as well. Two teens in the house aged up just before the outage, one to YA (I also have installed Squinge's Mega College Pack) and one to adult (using the Sim Blender). Neither was able to see the Find Own Place option on that day's paper until the outage ended. Once the outage was over, they could see and use the option on the paper again, and of course it was available on the computer.

I understand if that function is inextricably tied to being able to use the computer. Still thought I would mention it because from a strictly real-life logical perspective, there is no reason the paper couldn't be used without electricity to move out, as long as the telephone system remains fully operational (for calling the taxi). (And in that household, the phones had not been not affected.)

Another idea: this one would probably be a heckuva lot of work to implement, but it would be interesting if sims had to (as an extensive project they might have to spread over several simdays) renovate the wiring over their entire house in order to upgrade from terrible to normal (for the house only, not the area). This is sort of an expansion on the concept that you hint at, by already making the Settings and Upgrade menus unavailable when an outage is in progress. I was thinking that there ought to be no way to improve the house setting unless they go through some arduous (and, in my hood, very expensive---but I'll certainly handle the pricing manually on my end rather than expecting any modder to get it just to my needs!) process.

I wrote a detailed explanation of that idea, so I'll put it under this button so as not to be too obnoxious in the thread!

Thank you again for your excellent, enriching work for our games.
just a girl
Original Poster
#104 Old 13th Aug 2018 at 11:04 PM
Oh, man, @natboopsie, sims renovating their house by doing actual work instead of us players just magically changing things in build mode - is one of my favorite dream projects! I've been planning to implement repairing wall cracks and that sort of thing for months now. So I really, really like your idea. Thank you so much for such a detailed description, it's very inspiring to read. It certainly goes on my to-do list. Even if it doesn't make it into main release, I can always do it later as a separate module or something like that.

Newspaper issue haven't been reported, indeed. Thank you for letting me know about it. I looked into it. As it turns out, newspapers share "find own place" interaction with computers and therefore suffer the same restrictions, so your guess was right. Technically, the game checks for power before allowing this interaction, which makes sense for computers, but not for papers. I'll have to make a fix for that.

As for well-off households, I tried to make sure the electric box may be used there as well. With normal settings, it's less likely to create problems, although I still have to do more testing to see if the chances are balanced enough.
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#105 Old Yesterday at 4:10 PM
Hi, Lamare! I finally had time to play the game and I just wanted to leave a couple of notes.

When you have an apartment resident call a fellow resident (in the same building) while an electric box is in the unit, the Sim B will suddenly appear in their apartment, sometimes in color and sometimes completely black; each time, they went through the sounds and motions of talking on the phone. When I ended the call, the person was trapped in their apartment and I had to ask them to come outside/if I could come in to remove them from the area.

I had other apartments without the box and it never happened there though, so I removed the boxes from the units and had them call each other - the receiver never appeared in their owned apartment. Just to be sure, I placed the boxes back and had them call each other again and the receiver reappeared. The same thing happened when I used their roommates to call each other.

Gah, I forgot to test the landlord phone repair option. I'll get back to you if I spot anything else, but thank you so much for the Fix Disabled Objects interaction. I haven't had any non-working lights in apartments and broken fridges so far - hopefully, it'll never happen again!

Also, maybe I'm being silly, but I can't seem to find the updated collection file in-game. I sifted through all of the collections yet it eluded me somehow. I'm not sure what happened there.

The pop-ups are easier to read now; I'll also extend my thanks to BkajnlConcepts. I haven't noticed anything unusual about the rent clipboard but I'll let you know if I find anything else. Thanks for your hard work!
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