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Default Is a Radeon HD 6530D decent enough to run Sims games?
I posted this in another thread, though I didn't get a response. I thought I'd create a seperate thread for it.

I was wondering if my Radeon HD 6530D is good for running games, well The Sims 2 really is my main concern. As far as I understood from some review sites, it's an integrated graphics chip that can run a majority of (less demanding) games, but from this site I find that it's a no-no when it comes to games like The Sims 2. However, my Sims 2 game runs without lag and glitches on high settings, I used to have all-max settings before (I lowered some now since I don't really need all-max), including Smooth edges, and it ran perfectly fine. But from an article on the wiki here says that integrated chips may be good at first, but the user may start noticing bluriness, weird textures, flashing etc. which I did not experience. So, should I think about getting a real graphics card for games for the future or stick with this one for a while?

I do have to note that when I first installed my Sims 2 game nearly all neighborhoods would crash when loading. When I searched for help here, it was suggested by Mootilda that it's because I don't have a real graphics card. When I reinstalled and up to now, the game runs great, though I don't play it often (twice a week maybe).

Note: I also have a AMD A6-A500 APU which is kinda bundled with the card.
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Its a very low end card and may handle the Base Game and some EP's but you are taken a chance on burning up your computer.

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Sims 2 should be no problem.
Sims 3 it'ok with low setting , don't max out.
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