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The wipe happens when they're adopted.
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Originally Posted by omglo
The wipe happens when they're adopted.

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Originally Posted by Ice_Elf
Does anyone know at what stage a sim taken by the social worker loses their memories and attachments to the biological family? Is it when they're taken, or when they're adopted? I've not had it happen in a while, so I don't remember.

I'm hoping to set up a children's home, and while I understand that I can teleport in any children who have been given up for adoption with the cat and then use the blender to change family ties if they're being adopted - I'm struggling to find a solution for any children who are neglected or orphaned. Am I better just installing the mod that prevents the social worker or is there a work around?

Try this one, it's originally from A&N made to work in Mansion and Gardens. I have been testing it in M&G for a while now and am quite sure all is well. What makes it ideal for your purpose is it has an 'orphan' mode on it's filters. When the orphan filter is set it will only search for sims in the orphan family and when it 'brings one in' the infant is adopted by the sim doing the import and spouse if applicable. The original family ties are not cut and when the orphan is old enough, child or teen only she/he can select the option to move back to 'birth mother's home' (ideal for townie's children).
CJH_NeighbourTeleporter.zip (20kb) https://app.box.com/s/ha98vauo1kd1g79otpy5b0ks4dkkg7mz

Find in the General / Miscellaneous catalogue for $50

When orphan mode is not on the imported sim becomes part of the family which gives you full access to change whatever you like, their original family information is stored in the telporter, career data is removed and stored in the teleporter so they don't go to work. When you send the sim home the sim is restored to the original family and career data returned.
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