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2018 MTS Calendar Contest - posted on 12th Nov 2017 at 8:48 PM
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#626 Old Yesterday at 5:11 PM Last edited by GuilhermeSchilling : Yesterday at 5:22 PM.
Originally Posted by Varkarrus1
Guilherme I can't seem to make your height slider mod working. I have scripting mods enabled, went in live mode, did add_slider Height 80, and nothing changed. Is the mod broken in the pet expansion?

Sorry, I don't know how to fix scripts, I just downloaded the fix by Ash77 #392
Test Subject
#627 Old Today at 1:42 PM
maybe im a dummy or maybe it's just way too early in the morning for this, but what's the order for the sliders to be downloaded to fix them? i THINK i used sims 4 studio to batch fix cc for the pets ep??? and i've been using

(i added most of the underscores myself) and in the past couple days i've been gettings errors (logged to the LastException txt doc) and i'm fairly certain it's the height sliders (i opened it up in notepad++ and im pretty sure that's what it is but i havent checked yet)

so yeah tl;dr whats the order for downloading the slider fixes. (i am very tired)
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