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Default Just a few WCIF's
I needed a little help with these please....

the couch: FOUND - AL

hanging basket:

Peach holder:


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the couch is from the Ikea Sp and the rug came with Apartments
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Thank you so much. I feel like such a dorktard... I have both and have yet to see them in my game. Glad to know there's two things I want that I don't have to add.
25th Nov 2008 at 9:48 AM
This message has been deleted by Engram. Reason: I'm a dork and can't count. 3 =/= 2
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Ooh, can I hijack? WCIF the console table in the last pic?

Sorry I can't help but somebody was looking for that hanging basket over in the WCIF section at Reflexsims forum, maybe they found it? (I still can't link yet, grr)

edit: I found the post at reflexsims, it's titled "WCIF's from pics." and the hanging basket hasn't been found yet over there.
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The console table is part of this set
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Thank you!
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The rug comes with Apartment Life.
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