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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#16026 Old Yesterday at 6:33 PM
Welcome back, Heaven! It's been a while! We recently re-did the rules a tiny bit, but the old ones are still kept on the rules blog too.
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#16027 Old Yesterday at 9:09 PM
Originally Posted by NutsAndDolts
Welcome back, Heaven! It's been a while! We recently re-did the rules a tiny bit, but the old ones are still kept on the rules blog too.

I saw that! It's been so long that I'm not sure I could pick out the differences unless I looked over both extensively. The one thing I did notice was the expansion gift is gone (as makes sense) because I used it for gen 6 and then was like "wait, did I cheat and just pretend I didn't" and then saw those were new rules, lol

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#16028 Old Today at 12:05 AM
Heh... yeah... there hasn't been an expansion in many years now. *single tear* If you STILL have no experience with a career because all you do is legacy play with long periods of inactivity... grats, you're like me! xD I figured the rule would just confuse newer RLCers, and older ones could have it as a house rule if they adopt the new rules.

There were a few new rolls added for several categories, and careers were re-weighted, with some restrictions lifted as to which sim gets the career. Example: you roll couple, military, firefighter. Your heir could be military and the spouse firefighter, or the heir could be firefighter and the spouse military. Under the old rolls, you didn't get to pick which was which, and the heirs had an overwhelming chance to get rabbithole careers. I got so tired of that.
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#16029 Old Today at 9:26 AM
Gen 5 has officially started. here is Chapter 1
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#16030 Old Today at 11:46 AM
I was going to ask what the expansion gift was but I think I remember it? Wasn't it a rule that was like "if you get a new shiny you can mess around with it"?

Anyway, it's good to see you around again, Heaven ^-^

And I have an update! Chapter 4.11 So Emotional

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#16031 Old Today at 5:46 PM
1.4 - The Future

Despite not being able to play too much lately (and being on a building spree), I do have a few chapters lined up just waiting for text to be added to them.

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#16032 Old Today at 6:13 PM
Expansion Gift was... if you got a new expansion in the middle of your legacy and wanted to play one of the careers, you could swap your sim to that career. It was probably worded better.
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