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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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Undead Molten Llama
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Originally Posted by Bubblebeam
Under RAW data (OBJD) where it says 'depreciation limit' should one put the final sale price of an object or the cumulative depreciation limit? In case I'm not making sense - if something is say $100 and the daily deprecation is $10, but you want it to stop at $30, would you put $70 or $30?

I haven't done this in a while, so don't quote me, but I think you put in $30 as the depreciation limit. I'd go into stuff in SimPE to check what I've put in when messing with prices and depreciation, but I've got the game open at the moment so I can't. But I'm PRETTY sure that's what you do. Of course, it's also easy to test to see if it's working the way you want after you fiddle with something. Just plunk the object down on a lot, freeze everyone's motives, let the game run on ultra-speed for a few Sim-days, see what the sale price of the object would be, then exit the lot without saving.

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